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Web design by CookandKaye
specialists in online education, mapping and scientific websites

We offer a range of scientifically literate design and web development services focussed on the needs of the higher education and research sectors, though we also have a number of discerning commercial clients!

Two decades of web design

A scientifically literate web-design service

Custom database driven web applications

Brand and identity development

Integrated mapping and localisation

3D modelling

From the text only browsers available at the birth of the web, to modern websites using the latest standards.

Our clients include leading niche commercial enterprises, learned societies, charities, technical service suppliers, research groups and centres of excellence.

Bespoke systems for the integrated management of sales or user information, booking data, medical records and safety information online.

Logos, icons, custom art-work, slide-shows and animations - a complete web design service that will give you a unique website to your specifications.

Display locations in your website using the proprietary Google API or Open Layers mapping applications
- or display information in your website specific to your visitor's location...

Bring 3D to your website with CSS, Flash or video based interactive models.

Statues in the desert
Finding your way through the trees
Each stone in its place
Spirals and shadows
Snake without clothes
Spiral stairway

The slide show above is driven entirely by CSS - no Javascript, so no slow library downloads! This is an experimental feature, as older browsers will not display it, requiring either a static, Flash or Javascript fall-back option.

Web design and development services we can offer you include:

Some of our latest project posts:

Noahgene provide state-of-the-art molecular genetics services to plant and animal breeders, researchers and conservationists world-wide.

Redesign of Lochaline Dive Centre's website: Adding a slide show of events and activities at the Dive Centre, and changing site colours, logo and icon to match the centre's printed materials.

COSHH: Managing safety requirements online for a research focussed department in higher education.

New site for SEM Calibration Standards: Increasing the profile of this long-established company's product portfolio.

New website and affiliates scheme for Mobilty Nationwide, offering one of the largest stocks of wheelchair and mobility scooter accessible vehicles in the UK

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