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Research organisations are now expected to manage their workforce, and a part of this is to ensure that there are agreed working practices in place for most, if not all, activities within the workplace.

This requirement can be particulary fraught in a research environment, where there may be limited or imperfect understanding of the hazards posed by the use of new or untested chemicals, formulations and other substances*. This is compounded within university environment, where safe working practices may not be properly understood by the student - requiring a facile system for reviewing any training delivered within the management package. Further, understanding may be lacking or outdated in the student's academic supervisor, requiring a two level safety management infrastructure, with direct oversight by the University's designated representative (DSO or similar).

CookandKaye have been developing CoSHH software in partnership with universities for many years; systems designed with you to help you manage chemical safety online. We offer flexible online software that can be adapted to fit your safety culture, while drawing on many year's experience to ensure the most effective management solution.

While the CoSHH system is geared to ensure compliance with regulations, its most important role is to encourage users to adopt safe practices of work...

Quote. The new electronic COSHH system is very good. It's a huge improvement on (...). The system is very easy to use and enables a thorough assessment. Its strongest feature is searching for chemicals to add to your COSHH and immediately having all relevant MSDS data.End quote.
Andrew Dwyer, Postgrad student using the Liverpool CoSHH system, June 2015.

Our CoSHH software is normally run on your own servers, offering you control of personal and commercial data within the system, and keeping ongoing costs to a minimum. Sites are visually adapted to complement your (corporate or universtiy) brand identity.

Recent CoSHH websites

COSHH Liverpool screen shot showing hazard summary form.

COSHH Liverpool, 2015

The COSHH system for the Department of CHemistry at the University of Liverpool introduces a number of new developments, including a printable one-page COSHH summary form for display over the place of work, providing a quick visual guide to the hazards in use.

Dealing with personal safety in the research environment, COSHH systems are protected, and access is not available to the general public.


Screenshot of the COSHH website.

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)

The University of Sheffield COSHH database has been built within the University's site templates to provide seamless integration with the support and administrative functions of the Department of Chemistry.

The site is a secured for access by Staff and students at the University, and allows staff and students to quickly prepare COSHH assessments, and for these assessments to be easily evaluated by the department prior to approval. It includes a simple chemical search facility, as well as a COSHH assessment lookup - valuable for preparing new assessments, or in case of accident and emergency.

Further details of this extensive project are available on our blog post entitled COSHH online.


* CoSHH legislation governs the use and exposure to any substance, including chemicals and preparations in any form (liquid, solid, gas, vapour, nanotech) and Biological agents (germs). It specifically excludes lead, asbestos and radioactive substances, for which you will need to agree separate ACOPs with your workforce (back)

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