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A website can help bring societies together, either as a purely online meeting place, or more commonly, as a place to organise community meetings and conferences. In 2020, many of these meetings have been online, and your society website can act as a portal for members to access your chosen online forum.

A society website can provide:

Example society websites built by CookandKaye:

Screenshot of the mobile version of the UKSB website.

UK Society for Biomaterials (UKSB), 2019

The UK Society for Biomaterials (UKSB) is a non-profit organization working to develop novel biomaterials to tackle current clinical needs for medical devices, prosthetics and for regenerative medicine. Their membership interests include medical materials science, biosensors, biomechanics, biocompatibility, tissue engineering, and many other subjects.

The site home page introduces the society and showcases its online presence on the Twitter platform.

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Screenshot of the TCES website taken in 2019.

Tissue and Cell Engineering Society (TCES), 2016

Tissue and Cell Engineering Society (TCES) has the aim of furthering knowledge, research and dissemination of information on cell and tissue engineering. Founded in 1999 by people coming from many different scientific disciplines and environments (industry, universities, research centres, government agencies) across the United Kingdom, TCES aims to promote the propagation of scientific information, stimulate the creation of research programmes, co-operate with other scientific organisations, and act as a source of expert information related to tissue and cell engineering.

The site was built in WordPress using the 'mobile first' design docterine, with the inclusion of News, Facebook and Twitter feeds in the home page. There is a separate login secured section for membership information and payments.

The screenshot above left was taken from a smartphone.


Screenshot of the European Society of Biomechanics website in 2012.

European Society of Biomechanics

The European Society of Biomechanics is a learned society founded in 1976 to encourage research, disseminate knowledge and promote progress in Biomechanics.

The new home-page design brings together an introduction to the society, alongside a calendar of events, news and a visual demonstration of the work the society is engaged in. It also offers a public platform for the ESBiomech's corporate members, and a private means for other members to get in contact with each other.

The package has been extended to offer conference archival facilities, and to offer secret ballots for members to elect their representatives in the society.

The site design has been updated to make it mobile friendly - the initial design being completed sometime before this bacame important!


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Society website features

Over the last decade we have developed a range of features taylored to our client's evolving requirements. These include:

Many of these are now available 'off the peg', bringing you a significant discount in the development of a new society website to fit your needs.

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